The Photo Collage of the Year


For those who like looking for interesting photos, you are in luck! In luck because my this post is more a trail of pics. Places I have been and pics I have taken…all related to Life Action Ministries…each with its own special significance.


At the top of this page is my favorite collage. All taken when the Life Action team led THIRST Conferences during the OneCry Reno event this past April. It wins the self-proclaimed “collage of the year” award because it depicts what Life Action is all about…“creating contexts to seek and obey God.” Revival begins in individual hearts.




January // GEORGIA — Leaders Seek God (upper left): Over 250 leaders, representing one-third of all the churches in America and most major ministries, began 2016 in a private prayer gathering in Atlanta. What a privilege to share a brief message on repentance!


February // VIRGINIA — Alumni Serving (upper middle): Two former staff showed up eager to serve at a OneCry Virginia leadership gathering. There are more than 1,000 alumni around the world. From the jungles of Kenya to the center of New York City, many are carrying forth the mission and heart of Life Action.


March // TEXAS — Vision Gathering (upper right): The Benham Brothers were our guest speakers at our 27th annual retreat for ministry partners. God provided over $600,000 to enable several new initiatives!


April // NEVADA — OneCry Reno (lower left): For the first time in our 45 years of ministry, all of our road teams planted themselves in one community doing THIRST Conferences from church to church. The final week featured times of heartfelt praise and prayers as believers in Reno gathered in a large arena.


May // MINNESOTA — National Day of Prayer (lower middle): The Mariucci Arena was the host site for OneCry’s annual National Day of Prayer broadcast. With thousands in the audience and thousands more participating on over 300 radio stations, the most inspiring to me were those in the broadcast room, behind the scenes, genuinely seeking the Lord.


June // MICHIGAN — Family Camp (lower right): A record breaking year in attendance as the weekly format extended into a 12th week. Over 2,500 campers and 300 staff were impacted by the gospel. Our #1 need? More housing.




July // WASHINGTON, D.C. — Together ’16 (upper left): Approximately 400,000 people converged on the National Mall to seek the Lord in prayer and worship. The clarion call was for God’s people to turn, pray, and unite. OneCry was blessed to help sponsor the event and to pray over every individual who participated on the platform.


August // MICHIGAN — Annual Commissioning (lower left):  Each summer, prior to launching a new season of ministry, we take time to commission all the teams and staff. The Board surrounded the 200+ staff and asked God to empower us as never before.


September // INDIANA — CryOut#16 (lower middle): In addition to the 7,000 women that gathered for three days at True Woman ’16, approximately 500,000 others joined by simulcast from over 100 countries. Even though the numbers were staggering, the one lone lady lifting her hands and heart to the Lord depicted the real story…people met with God one by one in the midst of the multitudes.


October // KENTUCKY — Cane Ridge Revisited (upper right): The small wooden-framed sign seems so insignificant. Yet, in the history books, even secular ones, Cane Ridge was the location where upwards to 30,000 people met in a camp meeting when the population of the nearest big city was only 1,800. The 1801 gathering depicts that God has transformed America’s entire culture through a widespread spiritual awakening, and He can do it again today. What a privilege to hear people share stories, at this historic location, of how God used the OneCry book to impact lives throughout that community today.


November // GEORGIA — Statewide Call and Cry (middle right): The Life Action team hooked up with the OneCry team and together led a statewide evening of prayer and worship. It was the culmination of a seven-week, seven-city tour. Themed OneNight/OneHope/OneCry, more than 1,500 participated on site, along with hundreds of others throughout Georgia via livestream simulcast.


December // MICHIGAN — LAM Leadership (lower right): Each winter the core leadership gather to review, pray, and plan for the new year. And to celebrate His goodness in allowing the ministry to experience so many “wins.” One of the greatest privileges of my entire life is to serve alongside of so many gifted and surrendered warriors of the faith!


All this, and so much more, is possible because of the generosity of our Life Action ministry partners. Station Managers, Church Leaders, Intercessors, Suppliers, and so many more have united together to make 2016 one of the most fruitful ever. In a special way, all of our hearts must be full of gratitude for all the financial supporters who have sacrificed and surrendered their own desires for something greater. You have been used of God to enable our various outreaches to impact multiple millions both here and abroad.


Would you take a moment before this year ends and thank the Lord for those who have given of their time, talent, and treasure?


Finally, one of my prayers for one year from now is that the 2017 picture review will only consist of one huge inescapable photo…the glory of God on display! May He come!

Upon graduating from a Christian university in 1972, with a B.S. in Business Administration, Byron pursued a business career until 1975 when God brought him to Life Action Ministries. For 15 years, he served closely alongside of Life Action’s founder in various roles, including National Administrator. Following the founder’s death in November 1989, Byron was appointed by the Board of Directors as President of Life Action Ministries.
Byron’s four decades of experience in leadership with America’s largest revival ministry (over 200 staff), and his vision to see God send another Spiritual Awakening to our nation, have given him an opportunity to influence thousands through his various speaking, writing, and leadership endeavors.

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